Protect Your Stuff

Air-Conditioned Storage in Tampa

All of our 300+ units are air-conditioned, which helps keep your things in the same condition. You won’t have to worry about shifts in temperature – your belongings will stay stored in a controlled environment year-round. Certain items in particular are sensitive to extreme temperatures, including electronics, musical instruments, business files, artwork, furniture, and pharmaceutical supplies. Give your valuables the protection they deserve at Seaport Storage.

A thermostat keeps things cool at Seaport Storage in Tampa, Florida
A business owner needs extra space and researches storage options at Seaport Storage in Tampa, Florida

We've Got Your Back

Our storage units range in size from 5x5 (25 square feet) personal storage units ideal for storing personal items, small furniture, or business records, to 20x10 (200 square feet) commercial storage units perfect for storing up to a five-bedroom home. No matter which storage unit you choose, you will find that our well-lit facility, wide aisles, and carts and dollies will allow you to transport your items from your moving vehicle into your storage unit with ease.

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